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Reviews & Testimonials

4.5 (out of 5)


8.2 (out of 10)
Jim HarrisOctober 2014

IMAP Upgrade

"My mailbox type has been upgraded to IMAP I could not have updated my outlook without the great guides in the support section"
Abby PatonOctober 2014


"I have just had a great support experience from the technical team"
Fraser CroghanOctober 2014

New Server

"I have just configured monitoring for my new server using the new interface, simple, easy to use, great"
Miles GreenwoodSeptember 2014

Secure SSL

"I wanted to ensure my site was secure and was advised to buy an SSL Cert. I was given some instruction on this by support and this helped a lot. I bought it and my site is now secure"
Frank HannahSeptember 2014

Customer Services Team

"Over this week I have been in touch with the Customer Services team due to a number of billing issues. Every time I spoke with someone I was greeted politely and got the impression they genuinely wanted to assist me with my problem"
Simon Lambert October 2014


Proactive resolution of issues

"Like all services I don't expect products to perform perfectly all the time. However when issues do occur I expect them to be resolved quickly and amicably with minimum of fuss. Global Gold have given great service in the last 3 years but when I had a problem recently I was helped by a real person at the end of the phone who had the authority and competence to sort it out and make me whole, without undue fuss. That's all I ask from any service provider and Global Gold have proved their worth in a crisis."
Sophie Bradley September 2014


Helpful staff and a great service

"I've had great service from Global gold so far. They're so helpful and you can contact them for the smallest problem. I have a couple of domains with them now and I will continue to use them as I find them so helpful."
Jon BislandMay 2014



"I recently upgraded to outlook 2013 and lost all my settings, support have me a simple step by step guide. All working now"