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About us

Our Internet infrastructure

We have two networks and our primary network is located in a London-based data centre, which enables us to meet your scalability, security and connectivity requirements with ease.  Our second network facility is based in Cambridge. All our servers (and that includes yours) are housed in a resilient environment.

The network comes with unlimited bandwidth or server capacity and our facilities are fully monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. We're constantly working in the background to ensure that we spot any issues before you do.  All servers are connected to the backbone of the Internet to ensure that you get connectivity, speed and efficiency benefits.

You can have co-location facilities, single-server housing to dedicated, custom-designed private facilities.  You can also benefit from assistance with first-time installations and subject to the service solution you choose, we can also become part of your equipment maintenance team.

The centre is protected against infiltration, fire and power outage, to ensure business continuity for you and your customers.  

We try to be flexible to ensure we can respond to your ever-changing business needs and specifications but to really find out more about us, our network or our services, please call 0345 250 8007 today.