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About us

Global Gold Customers

We treat our customers the way that we would like to be treated ourselves. In our world “the Customer is King” and we measure our success by your satisfaction (and by our profits, of course)! 

Personal Service is critical to us and we place great emphasis on being accessible to the companies and individuals that rely on us. The longer you're with us, the more you realise that we mean what we say and we make a point of getting to know you.

Today we provide a range of web hosting and domain services to over 10,000 customers, from all walks of life and business, we service corporate accounts like Playfish, Chrysalis Group plc and Revlon Inc to small one-man band businesses to SME businesses and everything in between. We work, for example with major London-based advertising agencies to international product manufacturers and small local businesses delivering services like local plumbing, painting and decorating firms, specialist recruitment agencies and much more.

The important thing for you to be aware of that the vast majority of our customers have been with us since our inception. They have watched our business grow and we’ve watched their businesses evolve in turn by being there when they need us.  We have been able to actively assist in our clients' online progress and growth by providing reliable customised hosting solutiions specifically to suit them.

Whenever our customers want to move forward in web terms, they talk to us first about the implications, and even when they change jobs, they take us with them. In effect, our customers stay with us and we're known for providing reliable, flexible and/or sophisticated solutions for hosting, domains and e-marketing applications. We also do our level best deliver within their budgets.

Our success is based upon our clients’ trust and confidence in us and the fact that we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves and the majority of our new customers come to us because they've been recommended to us.

You should be talking to not reading about us  because it’s our job to deliver those web hosting solutions you need but can't get anywhere else. Call 0345 313 0909 today!